Working to revolutionize the world's leading industries.

Our Story

After completing their military service in the IDF, Gilad Raz, Guy Oren, and Guy Lando joined forces in Tel Aviv to create the first digital, peer-to-peer trading platform. They soon realized that the peer-to-peer concept can be implemented for a wide spectrum of global industries.
Fokoya was born.


Our Values


Our team of engineers and designers constantly strive to create products that exceed expectations. We believe that meticulously engineered systems have the power to change the digital landscape and create positive experiences that extend beyond the screen.



Foyoka was brought to life because we dared to dream outside the box. Today, the same creative approach that inspired us to start this journey remains an integral component of every aspect our brand.



We believe that digital systems should never be the barrier for individuals entering a new market. All our products are created to facilitate a intuitive and seamless experience for end-users of every tech aptitude.

“Today, P2P platforms are among the fastest
growing segment in the financial services space.”

Nasdaq inc. September 2016