Fokoya and KuCoin Join Forces to Host Ian Balina World Tour

Fokoya and KuCoin Join Forces to Host Ian Balina World Tour

On October 22, Blockium welcomed Ian Balina, an influential blockchain and cryptocurrency evangelist to Tel Aviv.
Balina’s presentation was hosted by KuCoin and Fokoya Group, the makers of the popular trading simulator in Europe & Asia – Blockium.
Ian Balina is a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investor, Advisor, and Evangelist, and the first Global Titan Ambassador for KuCoin. Starting in Tel Aviv, Balina is making his way across nine different countries, to meet with crypto and blockchain experts all around the world. Balina is also well known for his unique role at KuCoin. As the “Global Titan Ambassador”, Balina has a major influence over not just KuCoin, but the crypto community as a whole. Balina’s vast social media presence and quasi-crypto celebrity status have established him as a figurehead in the crypto community.


Balina addresses the crowd

In an over the pitch, Balina discussed topics ranging from Bitsme to KuCoin to 100X Advisors. The show began with a warm welcome to Tel Aviv from a local bitcoin executive. Following further introductions to Balina and the World Tour, Balina called up several industry people to discuss different topics around ICO market, trends, and conflicts. After the panel discussion was the ICO pitch competition: ICOs/ Projects pitch to the audience and get votes to go to the next round. Winner gets to pitch for 10 minutes and share presentation/ slides related to their project. The winner was Coti, a blockchain payment company, who subsequently gave a ten-minute pitch. Following this was another panel discussion, this time in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) format, comprised of the Coti representative and the members from the earlier panel discussion. To close out the show, 100x Advisor’s creative director Drew Morisey performed an original, blockchain themed song taken from his crypto album.


About Fokoya and Blockium

Fokoya is a Tel Aviv based Israeli tech company that is driven by their ambition of combining the world of financial trading with the field of online gaming. Fokoya’s core objective is to provide users with an opportunity to turn low-risk investments into a significant turnover. At the moment, Fokoya’s flagship product is Blockium, the widespread trading simulator. Through providing free services that captivate and entertain their audience, Fokoya plans to take the worlds of trading and gaming by storm.

Blockium is an educational game for people who want to compete in the cryptocurrency market and to win glory, prizes, and prestige. The users create their own cryptocurrency portfolios to compete against others. The tournament winners are the competitors with the highest percentage return on their portfolio at the end of the allocated time. Blockium is a gamechanger in the cryptocurrency/stock trading market: Blockium lets you earn money, risk-free, through various trading tournaments. No need to deposit money either, as you simply earn money by trading stocks and building portfolios.

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that also has its own cryptocurrency. Based out of Hong Kong, KuCoin is relatively new but has proven itself in the blockchain world. What makes KuCoin unique is that the user base receives ninety percent of KuCoin’s trading fees as a KuCoin bonus or Invitation bonus. KuCoin boasts security, customer support, and low fees.



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