Technological Roadmap

Technological Roadmap

I thought it would be interesting to see a list of all the different technological tasks our startup encountered on the way, here are some of them and it will be filled up more later on:

  1. Install and work with AWS services
  2. Install and work with  Azure services
  3. Install and manage MantisBT
  4. Install and manage TFS
  5. Make Intel NIC driver work with unsupported yet windows server 2016 by modifying the driver files
  6. Work with net core from the beta dnx up to current dotnet.
  7. Install and manage redis on ubuntu
  8. Install and write scripts for cassandra
  9. Install and work with postgresql
  10. Manage dns
  11. Manage certificates
  12. Install and manage wordpress
  13. Manage IIS
  14. Manage git both in standalone p2p mode and with TFS
  15. Install and configure hMailServer and Roundcube

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