DatePicker JS Libraries

DatePicker JS Libraries

The need of a datepicker js library is a very common one. As a company thriving for the best we performed an extensive research to find the best datepicker library.

When looking at datepicker libraries we looked at many criteria, here are some of them:

  1. Is the library actively developed? When was its last commit?
    • Using an actively developed library will increase the chance that bugs will be fixed and that the library will be improved.
  2. How popular is the library? How many stars does it have in github?
    • Popularity gives some indication about the qualities of the library.
  3. How many bugs does the library have? How many issues does it have in github?
    • The library might be actively developed and popular but it might have too much bugs for us to want to deal with it.
  4. How good does it look and behave?
    • At the end we are not building a product for ourselves so it must also have a good UI and UX for our users to like it.

Here are the available datepicker libraries we encountered and the conclusions:

  1. active and 6300 stars
  2. prettier theme: (technical: themes: lugo looks good
    1. themes:
  11. very interesting and unique the flipbox Options (third): jQuery Mobile DateBox looks best from the following:
  12. nice colors:
  13. different concept:
  14. unique, similar to (11):
  15. unique time picker:
  16. prettiest!!:

more options:

Conclusion: The leaders are 2 lugo, 11, colors from 12, 16, numbers from from 9.

The winner is with dark theme because its unique and very customizable and well-documented and localizable.


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